Provisional Reapportionment.

In Summer of 2011 the commissioners voted to adopt revised district boundaries based on data from the 2010 Census. The boundaries are contingent on the approval by Georgia Legislature and the US Dept. of Justice before they become permanent.

Population Growth.

Troup County's population grew by 14%  between 2000 and 2010 and several districts actually decreased as population shifted from more rural districts including District 3 to more urban areas. The official count for District 3 at that time was 16,628 out of a county population of 67,044

The Official Map.

You can view the official redistricting map at www.troupcountyga.org or the county Government Center at 100 Ridley Ave. If you are unsure what district you are in feel free to contact our offices or the office of voter registration for Troup County at 706-883-1745

Troup County:District 3

  • District 3 includes West Point and Most of the western half of Troup County.

    Bordered on the West by the Alabama State line and West Point Lake
    South of LaGrange the district 3 boundaries extend east up to Whitesville Road.
    On the West Side of LaGrange our District begins Westward from Cameron Mill Rd.
    North of LaGrange we extend NE from Wares Cross Rd.
    Please refer to the map for more specific information.