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Over the next few months, I look forward to meeting even more of the people of District 3 and discussing what is needed to make Troup County an even greater place to live. We do need your help; elections should not be about who is most popular, who can spend the most money or who promises the most. It should be about electing the candidate that best understands the issues and is willing to work hard for the people to deliver the best solutions. We really can't do this without you. I am a conservative republican and I am committed to represent all the people of District 3 with honesty, respect and service. I do ask for your support and vote in this campaign.



Thank You

To my friends and supporters in District 3 and Troup County I appreciate what you are doing to help this campaign. I value your support and share your vision for what Troup County can be. I ask for your continued help and counsel as your candidate and even more so as your Commissioner after the election. God bless each of you.

Help with the campaign

The campaign and the group supporting it have come about  on a very natural basis and the spontaneous support has been a tremendous blessing.  While all campaigns do require money this one is based on a very thrifty budget and  relies very heavily on the volunteers in the community who give their time and money to support our shared goals..

Please reach out to us with a show of your support; any help is appreciated and is an investment in the positive future and growth of Troup County..

Community Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone to a successful campaign for and a great way to contribute. Please enter your information and click the submit button to Volunteer. Here is how you can choose to help:
1. Take a Yard Sign
2.Talking to your neighbors in District 3
3. Working the Phones
4. Voter Sign-Up and Assistance
5. PR or Speaking Opportunities
Click to become part of our election team >>  I want to Volunteer


Offering a public endorsement of a candidate is a statement that you approve of the direction that this campaign is promoting. You feel that he is the best choice to hold this seat. You do not have to be in District 3 to endorse Lewis but if you are please let us know that as well.  Please click the link below to endorse Lewis.   
Endorse Lewis Davis


All contributions to our campaign fund are appreciated. We are committed to making  smart expenditures in this campaign and rely on donations from supporters like you to help spread our campaign message.

If you wish to donate by mail please click here for a print-friendly form to use.


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