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If you live in Troup County, five people are elected as commissioners to make big decisions on your behalf. The County is divided into 4 districts, each with a commissioner. The fifth position is the Commission Chairman and can come from anywhere in the county.

Commissioners decide where new homes, businesses and commercial buildings will go by approving planning  policies and zoning requests. Commissioners vote on county ordinances, responding to citizen requests for policies on noise, pollution, sidewalks, and traffic. They are responsible for helping decide how we grow as a community and just as important... how we pay for it.

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District 3

As indicated by the blue shading on the map below, District 3 covers much of the Western Half of Troup County. Click the link below to view a larger map image.

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While I am a  conservative Republican, I also count myself as one of those that is often fed up with the politics of government. The political infighting at all levels serves mainly to paralyze action and progress.

I advocate a more common sense approach which is  to listen to all opinions and investigate the solutions before embracing a position.
Political ideology is not the most important aspect when it comes to the business of Troup County. I pledge to do what is right for everyone in this county.

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Troup County

My family has lived in Troup County for almost 100 years. Troup County is a great place to live and raise a family. My goal in offering myself for public service is to preserve our heritage, protect that which is working well and be willing to make intelligent improvements as necessary to keep our community a strong and vibrant place to live and work.
Lewis is widely respected as the county commission candidate who can bring diverse members of the community together to find solutions to the challenges we are facing. We need Lewis Davis'  balanced, reasonable voice on the county commission to ensure that the decisions being made by the board are being made with the entire community’s best interest in mind.